Welcome VMR Settings Browser Settings Download Utilities Welcome to VirtualMeetingCenter.com, VideoBank's premier online location for academic class attendance, corporate training, and the sharing of digital information amongst and between groups small and large. Using live video, content sharing, participant polling, session recording and other dynamic features, users of a Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) can be assured that their virtual session will exceed expectations. VideoBank’s primary goal is to ensure that your online experience is both positive and productive. Please note that "Microsoft Silverlight" and "VLC Media Player" must be properly installed on the computer or tablet prior to the launch of your VMR session. To confirm or to install, please click here, (or click on the "VMR Settings" tab above). For additional information about how to properly adjust the "zoom" setting on your browser (to view all components of the VMR interface), please click here, (or click on the "Browser Settings" tab above). Enjoy this and every experience you have while visiting VirtualMeetingCenter.com! For additional assistance, please call our helpline at 201-767-2002.
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