Welcome VMR Settings Browser Settings Download Utilities Please follow the steps below to confirm the existence of, or to install, the latest versions of Microsoft Silverlight and VLC Media Player. After, please click on the "Browser Settings" tab for instructions on how to adjust the “zoom” settings of your browser.
  • Step One – To confirm that the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight is installed properly on your computer, please click here, then follow the set of instructions provided. (Please note that it may take a few moments to install because it is making a determination if Silverlight has already been installed on your computer.)
  • Step Two – To confirm that VLC media player has been installed properly on your VMR device, please click here. If VLC Media Player is not currently installed on your computer, please click on the following web address (www.videolan.org) and then click on the large “Get VLC Now!” button located in the lower center section of your screen. Once installed, please follow the first part of step two to confirm that it is presenting video content properly.
  • Step Three – Click on the “Browser Settings” tab above to acquaint yourself with how best to adjust either your Internet Explorer (IE) or Mozilla Firefox browser "zoom" settings to permit full view of the VMR Graphical User Interface (GUI).